Agency starts the new year by strengthening the team with four new assets. We give a warm welcome to Märta, Harris, Mikaela and Hanna.

Märta Hagberg

Märta joins Agency from the role as Junior Content Manager at the start-up Pindify. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication studies from Uppsala University.

Harris Lukeman

Harris recently graduated from Berghs School of Communication in Public Relations. Harris has experience from several roles within the retail industry, such as Retail Consultant, Sales Clerk and Store Manager.

Mikaela Holmberg

Mikaela comes from the role as Brand Strategist at SJR. Prior to that she worked as a Social Media Strategist at Moose Agency in Bangkok. Mikaela has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing with Film, Radio and Television studiesfrom Canterbury Christ Church University and has also studied Strategic Communication at Berghs School of Communication.

Hanna Julin

Hanna is studying Media and Communication at Södertörn University and will do her internship at Agency this spring.