Breakfast & Boxing withy Maxim
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Breakfast & Boxing with Maxim

Maxim is a sport nutrition brand founded in 1991, targeting both athletes and enthusiasts. To launch the new protein bar Maxim Protein 40% Chocolate Coconut, we invited influencers with a health focus to a press event on the theme "Boxing & Breakfast". The event was held at the trendy venue Urban Deli in central Stockholm. It opened with a presentation on how protein can optimize exercise. The presentation was followed by a boxing activity, one of the strongest fitness trends this year.

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Agency’s Project Manager Dian Martinez Valencia shares a few thoughts on augmented reality (AR), which is believed to be one of the strongest digital trends this year. Do you agree?

In the summer of 2016 the world suffered from a total Pokémon Go hysteria. A hysteria that even reached Sweden. I was also one of those who during a (short) period of time chased animated monsters on the streets of Stockholm. The mobile game was based on the new digital technology augmented reality (AR), which makes it possible to add virtual elements to our current reality.

The game became a world success over night. But before we even knew it we got tired of chasing Pokémon. Nonetheless, the new technology proved its impact. Something that will most likely become even more evident moving forward. At least according to the analytics company Docere, that have highlighted AR in their annual trend report. Their analysis is that AR will change particularly the shopping experience. Examples of players who have been fast at embracing this new technology are IKEAand Amazon. They have developed apps that help consumers try their products in augmented reality.

As a communicator and marketer, I think it is particularly exciting with opportunities that go beyond product and service development. Many of today’s AR apps are created to bridge practical needs, such as trying out clothes, furniture, and measuring objects. However, I believe that AR will be used when communicating with each other to a greater extent than now. Up until today it has been used mostly among young people through Snapchat. But now technology is becoming more accessible to the broad mass.

As an example, Apple launched its new feature Animojis to iPhone X last autumn. And Huawei enabled AR filters directly in the camera when launching their latest smartphone software update. Facebook has also enabled new AR capabilities through an open AR platform, Facebook AR Studio, allowing developers to create their own filters. The platform has only been available for about two months, but I’m sure that our Facebook feeds soon will be flooded with AR filters and animations of different kinds.

"I believe that AR will be used when communicating with each other to a greater extent than now. Up until today it has been used mostly among young people through Snapchat. But now technology is becoming more accessible to the broad mass."

Dian Martinez Valencia, Project Manager

So, is AR just faddish or is the technology here to stay? The Pokémon Go-fever lasted no longer than a couple of weeks. I would rather say that nothing is constant at the current speed of the digital development.



Dian Martinez Valencia, Project Manager

Madness of Sweden
Warner Brothers



In a present time where humanitarian and environmental disasters are reality in many places in the world, post-apocalyptic fiction feels more real than ever. The environment in Mad Max: Fury Road might seem absurd, but by applying the same feeling on famous Swedish locations, we wanted to give people an eye opener about what could happen to our own world.

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P20 Fashion

In connection with the launch of HUAWEI P20 Pro we wanted to prove the possibility to shot professional photos, with only a smartphone. A photo competition was announced to find the next fashion photographer in Sweden. We challenged the winner to prove our thesis. In collaboration with the photographers Emma Svensson and Rami Hanna together with the agency The amazing society a fashion shot was organised where the colours of the phone where the core of inspiration for the outfits. This resulted in a fashion lookbook shot by the winner and a release event at Hallwylska in Stockholm.

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In order to disapprove the misconception that Sweden isn’t well suited for solar energy, we developed the project “The Solar Factor” for Vattenfall. This included a mapping of how much energy Sweden could produce annually if all houses were provided with solar cells, as well as an overview of the municipalities with the best conditions for solar energy.

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