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Tony’s Chocolonely

”FREE Chocolate” Experience

From the colorful chocolate bar in the store shelf to a rebel in the chocolate industry. Tony's Chocolonely is the chocolate bar that is good in more ways than one. To spread their mission about a slave-free chocolate industry, residents of Stockholm were invited to Tony's Chocolonely's temporary chocolate experience on Södermalm. A pop-up event that Tony's Chocolonely arranged together with Agency.

To spread Tony’s Chocolonely’s message, a “FREE Chocolate” experience opened in Stockholm during four days. The visitors came for free chocolate, but upon arrival, they received an eye opener about the chocolate industry. The experience began with a film depicting an industry where slave-free chocolate does not belong to the norm. Then visitors were escorted to a colorful and inspirational chocolate room. Over 3,000 people visited the chocolate experience on Götgatan in Stockholm. The aim was not only to offer visitors a tasting experience, but also to offer new insights about the cocoa industry. This is how the Dutch chocolate company Tony’s Chocolonely shared its message about social sustainability and fair working conditions in an industry where it is not always guaranteed.

In addition to the implementation of the chocolate experience, a press release about the event was communicated, targeting lifestyle, food, industry and local media.