Crisis support? We are here to help 24/7: +46(0)709 15 25 90

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Crisis support? We are here to help 24/7
+46(0)709 15 25 90

Office: +46(0)8 410 818 00

Public relations

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room. At Agency our job is to make them say the right things.

We do that by ensuring that both people and media that your audience and customers trust delivers the right messages about you, your business and brand. They should be your ambassadors.

Agency is a boutique. You won’t find any off the shelf and ready-made solutions here. All clients are unique and deserve haute couture treatment.

Crisis communication &
media relations

Knowing what to say – and how – is crucial for successful media relations. The same applies in both smooth sailing and when the conditions turns bad. Every year, we arrange many dozens of media training sessions for spokespersons and executives for leading Swedish and international businesses and organizations.

Crisis communication is very much about preparation and planning. What do we do when the unthinkable happens? And what is the unthinkable? Who should talk to and what should we say. And to whom? We help you to plan and prepare and are always there to support when things go bad.


Communication with the market in a way that over time strengthens your credibility is an art. Not least because one always has to balance between what you wish to achieve and what is legaly and regulatory possible. Done correctly, good relations with investors, regulators and other stakeholders gives you a sharp competitive edge. We are here to help.


Over a quarter of a century, we have arranged countless events for small groups as well as for thousands of participants (and sometimes for just one very special person). Press conferences, product launches, influencer events – we handle everything from start to finish.

Sociala media &
Influencer marketing

Handling social media for our clients is part of our day-to-day business. We arrange cooperations with influencers online (and in the real world) and create content for LinkedIn, TikTok and everything in between. Off course we do all the necessary monitoring to make sure your investment pays off.

Design, web & adverstising

Reports filled to the brim with insights, creative infographics, ads, books, games, vinyl records… Over the years we have produced a lot of things at Agency. Even a bicycle. Words are not the only things you can use to deliver a message. Our Art Director work with a wide network of external producers, and other specialists to make sure everything looks, sounds and feel top notch.

Film, TV & podcast

Moving images and podcasts are attractive ways to package what you want to say and to make sure the audience listens. Very often such productions are excellent engines to propel your story you’re your own channels into earned media as well. We help with planning, production and communication.


Crisis communication

Sometimes it doesn't take much to significantly improve an organization's competence in areas that can be crucial for the brand's value. Just over three hours – a morning – goes a long way. That's how long our ready-packaged workshops in crisis communication, media management, and storytelling are.